Introducing HMD Connect. The easier way to stay connected.

Your hassle-free data SIM for wherever you travel. Starting at 9,95 €, save up to 70% when roaming in more than 120 countries.

Plans that adapt to your life and budget

With the easy-to-use HMD Connect app just a tap away, you have full control along with the simplicity of managing your data at a price that works for you, starting at just €9,95.


Say goodbye to the hassle of high-priced local SIM purchases


Save more because your plan is tailored to only the data you need


Get a real-time glimpse at your data usage from anywhere

Stay connected with ease

Packed with benefits that go the distance, HMD Connect keeps you connected around the globe in an easier way so you don’t miss out, wherever life takes you.


Stay connected in over 120 countries across more than 600 networks


Share photos, make calls and chat with loved ones using your favorite apps


Your office is a tap away because you're always connected

Less worry. More privacy and safety.

What’s yours is yours. That’s why HMD Connect keeps your information safer, more secure and better protected, wherever your travels take you.


Unsecure WiFi hotspots at hotels and cafés are a thing of the past


Our EU-based servers mean your data is always anonymous and safer


Stay seamlessly and safely connected abroad without pesky charges

Hassle-free pricing starting at 9,95 €

With data packages that adapt to your life and an easier, pay-as-you-go renewal option of just 5,00 €, you pay only for what you need, when you need it. So, you’ll never miss out because you’re always connected.

pricing-desktopValid for 14 days from first use5.00 €5.00 €Basic9.95 €Global packagePay as you goPay as you goUpgradeUpgradepricing-tabletBasic9.95 €Global packageValid for 14 days from first use5.00 €Pay as you goUpgradepricing-mobileValid for 14 days from first useBasic9.95 €Global package5.00 €Pay as you goUpgrade

Data packages and your location

While HMD Connect offers data packages for the same price wherever you are in the world, the amount of data per package will vary, based on your location within one of the following 3 zones.

Zone 1:1.0 GB
Zone 2:500 MB
Zone 3:250 MB
* Data package size varies by country** Prices include all sales taxes*** Upgrades do not extend 14-day validity period

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